Awareness, perspective
+ action


Tamara has taught yoga for nearly 15 years and is based in Berkshire County, MA. As a trauma-sensitive teacher, Tamara offers a variety of tools to help others access strength, resilience, and ease in both mind and body.

With a background primarily in the Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions, Tamara completed her 200-hour teacher training with YogaWorks led by Natasha Rizopoulos and her 300-hour training with Jules Mitchell, with a focus on biomechanics, pain science, the science of stretching, and somatic movements.

She is additionally certified in Applied Polyvagal Theory in Therapeutic Yoga with Arielle Schwartz and Trauma and Post Lineage Yoga with Theo Wildcroft.

Tamara holds meditation certificates in Transforming Suffering with RAIN by Tara Brach and The Power of Awareness with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.

Tamara’s love of movement and interest in the body started at a young age with her training as a dancer and actor. She holds an MFA in theatre and has been an actor in film, television, and theatre in Canada and the US since 2000. She has appeared in many feature films and as a lead in two series for Canadian network TV. She most recently created, starred in, and produced a one-woman solo show called This Is It through her production company, MetaGirl Productions. Her show has been performed in the Berkshires, Boston, and New York City.


To provide tools through the practice of yoga to help people engage with themselves and others in a mindful way.



What shows up when I take the time to notice?

What is actually right here, right now?

How can I build the capacity to be with whatever shows up when I engage with this practice?

What are the effects of my actions?

How does the way I engage with myself affect the way I engage with others?

How does my yoga practice impact my life?

What is the purpose of having a practice?