Awareness, perspective
+ action


After studying dance for many years, I turned to yoga as a means of going beyond a purely physical practice to one that captivated my mind.

I was introduced to yoga through the Ashtanga system. I completed my 200 Hour Teacher Training with YogaWorks, led by Natasha Rizopoulos. Natasha broadened my understanding of the postures as well as the roots and philosophy of yoga, and helped me approach the practice with thoughtfulness and care.

I continue to deepen my understanding of yoga through ongoing education. I recently completed my 300-hour advanced teacher training with Jules Mithchell, focusing on biomechanics, pain science, and somatic movements. 

It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge here the history of abuse in yoga. It has been an issue that has permeated many traditions over many years. I’ve been learning from such women as Dr. Theo Wildcroft and Uma Dinsmore Tuli, whose work includes the democratization of yoga post-lineage as well as the eradication of abuse in yoga. Their work continues to inspire me, along with the work of Michelle Cassandra Johnson.


To provide tools through the practice of yoga to help people engage with themselves and others in a mindful way.



What shows up when I take the time to notice?

What is actually right here, right now?

How can I build the capacity to be with whatever shows up when I engage with this practice?

What are the effects of my actions?

How does the way I engage with myself affect the way I engage with others?

How does my yoga practice impact my life?

What is the purpose of having a practice?